Spellstrike’s One-Image Pitch

Spellstrike’s One-Image Pitch

It’s been several weeks since we’ve last shared some significant developments on our build, and we’ve been at it consistently with improving what we have, in hopes to showcase our game at a few events.

Unfortunately, we’ve been struggling to provide a proof-of-concept build while explaining to stakeholders what our game’s about, and that took a lot of time from us. Surprisingly, not everyone understood the core game loop that we were hoping to expound on, and we had to keep improving the state of our build until it was playable.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 4.52.55 PM

The good news is that we got Greenlit after 12 days on Steam! While a small achievement, it has greatly boosted our confidence in the project. I’ll have Coco write our whole nerve-wrecking Greenlight experience in another post, since I feel there was a lot we went through preparing for it, and you’ll be surprised at our stats when we found out we were Greenlit.

The bad news is that we didn’t make that impressive build in time for the event submissions, but we were able to get support from the people who would like to see the game get pushed to completion, and allowing us additional resources to add to our small team. For now, I simply wanted to share an image that essentially clarified a lot of things about our game’s design flow.


The image above made a lot of things easier for us to explain, while leaving a lot of interest on some parts of content. Most of the interest we had were directed towards combat, characters, and skills in the game.

6 combat 2b6 combat 4b6 combat 1bMost of the efforts we’ve made on our build was to improve our animations and combat system. Here’s a compilation of gifs on where we’re at.

That’s it for now. Once our build is more “show-worthy”, we’ll be amassing a lot of screenshots and videos to follow.


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